Vote Tuesday for a Diverse and Livable Cambridge

This is it. Tomorrow is election day in Cambridge. Will you make time to cast your ballot for Cambridge’s future?

There are important issues at stake in this election. Will Cambridge adopt policies that allow our city to grow sustainably, creating vibrant neighborhoods near public transportation where all families can afford to live, work, shop, and play?

Or, will Cambridge severely restrict growth ensuring that only the wealthiest people among us can afford to live in this community?

We believe a better Cambridge is one that grows sustainably, taking advantage of proximity to public transportation to expand housing choices for all Cambridge families.

To help voters understand which candidates are best prepared to strengthen Cambridge’s diverse, vibrant neighborhoods and squares, A Better Cambridge (ABC) has ranked City Council candidates based on their general level of agreement with our mission and goals. These ratings are not an endorsement of any candidate nor do they recommend a voting order. Our analysis focuses only on the issues of concern to ABC.



Remember: In Cambridge we don't just vote for one City Council candidate, we rank multiple candidates in order of preference. The system is called Proportional Representation (you can read more about it here) and the goal is to rank the candidates in order of your preference for seeing them elected to the council. #1 is your top candidate, and so forth -- try to rank at least 4!

How we developed these ratings: To help voters understand where the candidates stand on difficult urban growth issues facing Cambridge, we distributed a 6-question survey to all 25 candidates, as well as conducted extensive third-party research using news articles and other organizations candidate questionnaires to assess their position on 4 key development issues now facing the city.

See the full ABC mission and goals, or view each candidates questionnaire responses at

For additional information, we encourage voters to view these resources:

Please, don't forget to vote on Tuesday! Polls are open from 7AM to 8PM. Find out where you vote at