Protect Fair and Impartial Administration of Law in Cambridge

Housing Now! Sign our petition calling on the City Council to act on the Central Square Advisory Committee Recommendations!

Dear Friends,

A basic tenet of our democracy -- the fair and impartial administration of the law -- is under attack here in Cambridge, and we need your help to protect it.

A petition has been introduced to the City Council which would grant the council exclusive authority to grant project review special permits, and eliminate the Planning Board's role in this process.

This proposal for City Council politicizes the administration of our law. It will subject applicants for special permits to the will of elected officials most accountable to voter turnout never more than two years away, rather than to the expert-informed analysis of an appointed administrative planning board.

Project review guidelines are established in the zoning ordinance which the City Council, if it sees fit has the power to change. But once a bylaw is approved and adopted, the city is legally obligated to administer it impartially and consistently. While all nine City Councilors are honorable people working in the best interest of our City, their ultimate accountability to voters makes it impossible to guarantee an impartial and consistent administration of our laws.

Please join ABC in speaking against this proposal at tonight's City Council meeting (NOTE: tonight's meeting will be held at the School Committee room at CRLS - 459 Broadway).  You can call first thing Monday morning (617.349.4280) to get your name earlier in the speaking order. You should also send your thoughts to all the the City Councilors ([email protected]) or to their individual emails that are available at  Please note that, if you wish your communication to be on the official Council record, you need to cc: City Clerk Donna Lopez ([email protected]) and note that it's for the record, or give the clerk a written copy of your remarks at the meeting.