TUESDAY: Parking minimums at the Planning Board

(Sent Sunday, August 14th.)

This Tuesday at 6:30pm, the Planning Board will discuss removing mandatory parking minimums from Cambridge's zoning code. This would allow buildings to provide some or no parking, according to what makes sense for the building. Here is the meeting and Zoom info.

Removing parking minimums will help with housing affordability and environmental sustainability. See our one-pager (prepared for a previous hearing) to learn more.

However, the Planning Board has not shown a keen understanding of Cambridge's housing crisis, and many of its members have been very stubborn on parking. (For example - last year they reviewed a 46-unit apartment building to be constructed literally 5 feet in front of the Central Square T entrance, and they still wrung their hands about a lack of parking.)

If you, like many Cantabrigians, don't need or want to pay for off-street parking, it would help to remind the Planning Board that you exist. You can give live public comment at the hearing, or you can email [email protected] (and CC City Council at [email protected]) by 5pm on Monday.

The meeting is an advisory hearing, and due to some technical issues we do not have an expected timeline for final passage, but City Councillors will pay attention to how this discussion goes as they decide how to vote.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions!