Did you see ABC Chairman Jesse in Sunday's Boston Globe?

Hi! Pamela Thilo here - I'm a member of the ABC leadership committee. I don't usually send our email blasts, but am jumping in today because ABC's Chairman Jesse Kanson-Benanav is too modest to self-promote this great interview about his background and work with ABC that appeared in Sunday's Boston Globe:

Five Things You Should Know About Jesse Kanson-Benanav: Community organizing with a focus on housing

One of the things you'll read in the interview if that Jesse recently attended the first national YIMBY conference in Boulder -- a convening of organizations and individuals from around the United States saying Yes In My Back Yard to more housing and sustainable development in our cities. Jesse has told me how excited he was after the conference to not only build on our successes in Cambridge, but to also help grow this work around the Boston region.

I wanted to make sure you know that Jesse will be giving a report back from the YIMBY conference at tomorrow's ABC meeting. While this certainly won't be the last time ABC tells you about the growing national YIMBY movement, tomorrow's meeting will be an opportunity to hear directly opportunities and challenges YIMBYs face in our work moving forward.

ABC June Meeting
Tuesday, June 28th
7:00 P.M.
at the Citywide Senior Center
806 Mass Ave in Central Square

Thanks! Let us know if you can make it tomorrow by RSVPing on our website. I hope to see you then.