ACTION ALERT: Ask Your State Senator to Support Zoning Reform in Massachusetts

A Better Cambridge is proud to support Senate Bill 2311, legislation currently pending before the State Senate that would modernize our Commonwealth's zoning legislation with the first updates in over 40 yearsWe need your help to pass this legislation.

We all know that Cambridge faces a housing crisis, and you often hear from me and ABC when your advocacy is needed to increase housing opportunities for families right here in Cambridge. But we all recognize that the housing shortage is a regional issue, and as much as Cambridge should be on the forefront of building more housing for all families we recognize all city and towns must do their part to address our regional housing need.

We have heard over and over again about this housing crisis. The Boston Globe agrees, and they recently endorsed this legislationABC believes this legislation is of vital importance because, among other items, it will
  • Increase multi-family zoning in communities across the state, leading to more of the homes we need.
  • Encourage the development of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) so that property owners can create housing for relatives or generate the rental income needed to help stay in their homes.
  • Special permits, which are a common approval process, would no longer require a supermajority vote.
  • Reforming the appeals process will reduce frivolous lawsuits and lengthy court battles over development, saving time and money for local government, taxpayers, and developers.
  • And more! Click here for more comprehensive information on what is included in this bill.
The State Senate will vote on SB 2311 this Thursday, June 9th. I ask you to take a couple minutes before Thursday to contact your State Senator by completing this convenient form on the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance website. Don't worry if you're unsure who your Senator is, as this form will automatically determine the right recipient based on your address.