Action Alert: Tell City Council to Take Action on Central Square Housing Recommendations

In 2011, the Cambridge City Council commissioned the Central Square Advisory Committee (C2) to chart the future of Central Square. It spent a year-and-a-half figuring out how to serve the varied needs of working families and independent businesses, while promoting sustainable growth that allows residents the opportunity to live, work, shop, and play in the same community. Its thoughtful, detailed report built to this recommendation: The most important thing that can be done to preserve the diversity of the square is to increase the supply of housing.

It’s been three years since the City Council created the C2 committee. It’s been eighteen months since it delivered its final report. And we’re still waiting for action.

With every passing day, more working families get squeezed out of the neighborhood, and more local businesses fall victim to rising rents. We have the results of an extended, consultative, community-driven planning process. We know how to preserve the diversity and vitality of Central Square. But we’re still waiting for action.

That’s why we’re calling on the City Council to implement the vision of the C2 process and pass new zoning that will expand the supply of housing in Central Square. We can’t afford to wait any longer.

We’re asking you to add your name to those of your friends and neighbors who are speaking out in defense of Central Square. Tell the City Council to implement the recommendations it requested. Tell the Council that Central Square needs to make room for cultural, social and economic diversity. Tell the Council that we’re ready for action.