Support Ending Exclusionary Zoning

We need your support to end exclusionary zoning in Cambridge. Today's City Council meeting will discuss this important matter. Apartment buildings are banned in significant parts of Cambridge. With your help, we can end this ban and help make Cambridge a more inclusive city!

Ending exclusionary zoning is long overdue. Please write to City Council to support building more homes for families who need them across Cambridge and sign up here to give public comment.


Last week, the Housing Committee voted unanimously in support of ending exclusionary zoning. At the hearing, Harvard professor Jason Furman, one of President Obama's top economists and a Cambridge resident, testified in favor. In addition, Paul Williams, Executive Director of the Center for Public Enterprise and one of America's top experts on social housing, spoke in support. The order now goes to City Council for approval.

We need your voice at the City Council meeting today, Monday, May 13 at 5:30 pm, to keep moving forward.


COMMENT in support on Monday, May 13 at 5:30 pm and/or EMAIL the Council to urge them to: 

  • Vote YES on the Housing Committee order on ending exclusionary zoning
  • Sign up to give public comment here (for the topic, you can just put "Support for ending exclusionary zoning" or Policy Order #1)
  • Email the Council and Clerk ([email protected], [email protected], BCC [email protected])

The 100% Affordable Housing Overlay and AHO 2.0 passed because we all spoke out. With your help, we can end exclusionary zoning and allow renters to live in every Cambridge neighborhood. See our website for more details.

Many thanks for all of your efforts!