ACTION ALERT: Tell City Council to vote YES on Central Square Restoration Petition

After months of advocacy by ABC and our supporters, the Cambridge City Council is now poised to approve the Central Square Restoration Petition at tonight's meeting.

I’m asking you to take two final actions to ensure this important petition passes:

1. Attend tonight’s City Council meeting and use your three minutes of public comment to speak in support of the petition.

City Council Meeting
5:30 P.M.

Cambridge City Hall
Sullivan Council Chambers

You can sign up to speak during the day today by calling the City Council office at 617-349-4280, or by signing up on the list at the front of the room before this evening's meeting.

2. If you cannot attend the meeting, or to reinforce your message, please send an email to the City Council members indicating your support for this petition. You may reach all nine councilors at [email protected]. Please copy me on that message so we know what our supporters are saying.

Last fall, I was honored to add my name along with many other Cambridge residents - including chief signatory Nabil Sater of the Middle East nightclub -- to propose this citizen zoning petition which will strengthen and expand Central Square as a vibrant and diverse mixed-use neighborhood.

While this petition has many impacts such reducing parking requirements and restricting “formula” businesses, one of the most important elements to me is legalizing the potential for the development of up to 2,000 new housing units in Central Square. This is 2,000 current and future Cambridge families that could have a home in our community if this zoning achieves its full potential.

At a time when Cambridge and the Greater Boston region faces such a severe housing crisis, we need neighbors like you and the supporters of the Central Square Restoration Petition to stand up and say YES to more housing and sustainable, transit-oriented development in our backyards.

It's time to bring Central Square zoning into 30 years of planning reports and studies which have called for higher density housing and mixed-use development. Please ensure we achieve this longstanding goal, and work towards providing housing for more Cambridge families, by speaking or emailing in support of this petition.

Thanks for your support.