Update on Alewife moratorium

Thanks to everyone who has already responded to my email from Wednesday about the proposed Alewife moratorium.

Our emails to the city council have been effective in highlighting the community opposition to this bad idea and it seems that the residents who promote this moratorium have backed off temporarily. Despite weeks of planning and collecting signatures on an online petition, no policy order, zoning petition, or other legislative action referring to an Alewife moratorium appear on Monday's city council agenda.

Given that the council will not formally consider the moratorium on Monday, we don't need a full-court press of ABC members and supporters to show up to the city council meetingIf you have the time Monday it may be good to have a few of our folks there to oppose any late policy order, but in that case I don't suspect the council will vote on the item this week.

This is probably just a temporary reprieve and concerted action from ABC will likely be needed to oppose an Alewife moratorium very soon. Emails from ABC supporters to the council about our opposition to a moratorium may still be useful at this time to let the council know we are monitoring this issue.

Finally, while Alewife is on our mind don't forget that ABC is heading to Bertucci's at Alewife Station for our next Strictly Social Meet-Up this Wednesday, April 4th. Please visit our website or Facebook event to RSVP for some good conversations with great folks over pizza and beer!

Thanks again for taking action so quickly to help build a better Cambridge.