Gregg J. Moree

I was born in Cambridge, MA over 50 years ago on Mount Vernon Street, and grew up in North Cambridge. After attending the M. E. Fitzgerald School (now the Peabody School) and then Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, I went to the North Bennett Trade School, in Boston's North End, for carpentry. I have been a proud Cantabrigian all my life!

How have your experiences, prior to or outside of seeking elected office, shaped your views on housing and land use in Cambridge?

I have lived in Cambridge all my life and i have seen the struggle that many people go through.

In your own work, what have you done to advance the goals for the City of Cambridge that you care about?

I have always shared how to work, tell the truth, be good citizens and strive for integrity in pubic office.

What is a stand or action you have taken that has displeased some Cambridge voters?


What are models and/or strategies Cambridge should use to create more income-restricted affordable housing?

Build 20,000 net zero, low income housing units with trees.

Do you agree that only broad market affordability will maintain Cambridge as a community for everyone and Cambridge should lead the region to increase local and regional housing supply?

Yes. More units have to built - with energy and climate change in mind.

How can Cambridge better protect tenants against displacement? (Please focus your answer on strategies within municipal authority.)

We have to build more, but energy efficient, housing.

Do you believe we have a climate obligation to pursue greater density and allow more people to live here?

Yes. Yes, I support the project @ 2072 Mass Ave, but build it union.

Do you support the affordable housing proposal at 2072 Mass Ave?

Yes. i support the project 0n 2072 Mass Ave, but build it union.

Do you support changing neighborhood zoning, including dimensional standards, to allow small-scale multi-family housing like triple-deckers, four-plexes, and six-plexes?

Yes. We need more housing.

Do you believe Cambridge should stop requiring new off-street parking for all residential development?

Yes. I support parking for new residential development.

Do you believe Neighborhood Conservation District rules need reform?

Yes. NCD needs reform and housing prices should not be increased.

Do you support a municipally funded right to counsel for every Cambridge tenant facing eviction?

Yes. Everyone should have the opportunity to state their case. This is America and everyone should have the right to a fair trial.

How far, if at all, should the City Council go in encouraging transit-oriented development? How should the City Council go about doing it?

Shuttle buses, walk paths and bike paths could be included in large new developments.

How would you evaluate the City Council's approach to sustainability over the last few years--what is one aspect you agree with and one aspect you disagree with?

I like that they are trying to get more housing. I dislike that not enough Cambridge residents are hired to do development and there are no Youth Apprenticeship }programs.

What can the next City Manager do to promote your housing priorities?

20,000 Sustainable and affordable housing units in Cambridge by 2020.

What should the city do to increase walking, biking, and transit usage in Cambridge?

Better bike and walk paths.

Do you have anything else you'd like to highlight or add regarding housing or land use in Cambridge?

More affordable housing and transit.

Aside from housing and land use issues, what are some major priorities you hope to push for on the City Council?

I support career training and internship programs in Cambridge. Since We have so much new construction, there should be a stipulation that all new construction sites be mandated to hire at a least a percentage of Cambridge residents in the construction and, also, have training and Youth Apprenticeship Programs.